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divendres, 6 de març del 2015


Neus and Marc went to the bar “Can Xorri” in Montuiri to talk with the Mayor. They prepared an interview. The Mayor name is Jaume Bauzà Mayol and he lives in Montuïri. Montuïri is a village where many IES Porreres students live.


MARC: What are the facilities handicapped people have to move around your town?

MAYOR (JAUME) : Specifically, we don't have installations but that installations we have are convert, for example, the ramp of stairs. Also we ask budged for the next year, do a convert in the schools stairs and an elevator, among others.

NEUS: Are the city hall expenses available to the citizens? Do you spend a lot of money on education?

MAYOR (JAUME) : The town council have a blog, where there are written and they see the budgets that we invest in different themes: education, reusing books with free time for the children or men.

MARC: What activities does the City Council organize for teenagers?

MAYOR (JAUME) : The town council have for example the “Turonet”, for the children. The “Turonet” are open in holidays, at Christmas, easter and summer. Also there is the Young Local for the teenagers.

NEUS: Is there other information that you want to tell as?

MAYOR (JAUME) : We have a blog for the people that don't want study or for the people that haven't got a job. In the web we have suggestions of jobs that the town council make.

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